Vendexo Online Event Booking and Ticketing Software

Accept bookings and payments for your events, tours, activities etc. 24 x 7 when it suits your visitors!

The Vendexo Online Event Booking and Ticketing Software provides easy and flexible configuration of single and recurring events which your visitors can book and pay for using desktop and mobile devices. Barcoded tickets are e-mailed to them, and the control panel makes it easy for event organisers to manage bookings, cancellations etc.

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Online Event Booking and Ticketing Software

See the benefits which can accrue to tour guides, operators of tourist attractions and events. This video shows how a customer can use the widget placed on a website to select, book and pay for event tickets.

Information video for tour guides, event organisers, operators of tourist attractions etc.


Online Event Booking and Ticketing Software

See the benefits which can accrue to tour guides, operators of tourist attractions and events. It shows how a customer can use the widget placed on a website to select, book and pay for event tickets.

Information video for tour guides, event organisers, operators of tourist attractions etc.

Setup an Event Using the Control Panel

See how the control panel can be used to setup an event and to prepare to accept online bookings.

Walk-through of using the control panel to set up an event.

Information Video for Merchants/Advertisers

See how an advertiser can grow sales with the Vendexo online advertising platform. This video shows how to upload some advertisement creatives (banner ads) for publishers/website owners to use when promoting the advertiser's products.

Information video for merchants/advertisers

Information Video for Affiliates/Publishers

See how an affiliate/publisher can earn extra revenue by commission on referred sales. This video shows how a blogger can join an advertiser's affiliate program and place an advertisement on her blog.

Information video for affiliates/publishers
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People are increasingly using the Internet to plan their holidays and leisure activities. When they are ready to make a booking, it is important to facilitate them. Enable them to book and pay there and then, when it suits them – or then may go elsewhere.

  • Visitors browsing the Internet can discover your events/activities, see the dates on which they take place, and make a booking, even outside office hours. Good for them, good for you.
  • Secure payment options.
  • Bookings can be made from desktops, laptops, tablets and smart-phones.
  • Your visitors have the confidence of a booking, and don't risk being turned away on the day because there is no place left.
  • Smoother and faster check-in on the day of the event.
  • The Ticket Scanner app can turn your smartphone or tablet computer into a ticket reader and validator, simplifying and speeding up admissions
  • For the event organiser it offers improved cash flow, and capacity management.
  • Easy and flexible configuration using a web browser.
  • Integrates with your existing website.
  • Promote your event through the Vendexo Affiliate Network and grow your bookings via referrals.
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  • Single and recurring events can be easily configured. Recurring events are automatically scheduled for you so that visitors can book them.
  • Simply add a widget to your existing website to enable bookings to be made as is shown in the video. No website? - No problem, a hosted shopping site is provided for you. If you have an existing website, you can also add on an e-commerce/shopping section.
  • Multiple payment options are supported, including credit/debit card, PayPal, Realex, bank transfer, cheque, money order or cash.
  • Support for part-payment/deposits, with balance paid later.
  • Quantity discounts can be configured.
  • Early bird discounts can be set up to incentivize people to book early and improve your cash flow.
  • Coupons/promotion codes can be set up and used to promote your events.
  • Gift vouchers can be configured and sold online, enabling the recipients to use them when paying for bookings.
  • Connect events to a Google Calendar. Shared calendars enable your staff to see what is on, when, where, who is attending, etc.
  • E-tickets are automatically generated and e-mailed to your customers. They contain barcodes and QR codes for entry scanning.
  • Ticket e-mails also contain iCalendar details so that the event can be easily added to the visitor's calendar, reducing the chance of no-shows.
  • E-tickets can also be customized to contain maps, advice, advertisements for other events etc.
  • The Ticket Scanner app can turn your smartphone or tablet computer into a ticket scanner and validator, simplifying and speeding up event admission.
  • Scheduled events overview: See an overview of scheduled events in a calendar view by month, week or day with capacity sold indicators.
  • Booking details can be exported to a spreadsheet, such as Excel, for further analysis and printed out for attendee administration at the event.
  • Ready to connect to the Venedexo Affiliate Network, enabling you to incentivise other website owners, travel writers and agents to promote your events and place your booking widget on their websites.
  • Increase revenue by selling merchandise, souvenirs or event photographs online.
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We realise that there is a great variety of individuals and organisations with a need for an event booking and ticketing system like Booking Craft. There are wide differences in ticket prices, attendee numbers and event frequencies.

When considering how to price the Booking Craft online event booking engine and ticketing system, we felt that we must take this into account. We evaluated various pricing models, and found that none was perfect. Each tended to suit one group but was then very expensive for other groups with differing needs and usage patterns. There was no “one size fits all” pricing model.

The best approach, we felt, was to engage with the event organisers, to examine their needs and to work out a pricing model that suits them, is affordable and competitive.

If you are considering using the Booking Craft event booking engine, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are confident that we can find a cost-effective solution for your event booking and ticketing needs.

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Market Segments

Tour Guides

  • Enable visitors to book your tours online 24 x 7
  • Schedule single or recurring tours, excluding dates when you are not available
  • Manage bookings online
  • Receive online payments for bookings
  • Tools available to enable others to promote your tours and grow your bookings
  • Easily communicate changes of time or venue with those who booked
  • Use the Ticket Scanner app to scan and validate tickets, simplifying and speeding up admissions.

Event Organisers

  • Convert those visitors to your website into bookings. Don't let them move on to another site which does offer online booking because yours does not.
  • Simplify bookings for your visitors. Enable them to book and pay online from their computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Offer visitors some options or extras (which may cost more) at the time of booking
  • Knowing who and how many people are due to attend enables you to plan better and organise your staff accordingly.
  • Smoother and faster check-in for your visitors
  • Offer gift vouchers, merchandise and souvenirs for sale online in addition to tickets, increasing your revenue opportunity.
  • Check out the demonstration, showing the system being used to book visits to visit Santa Claus, helping to prevent excessive queuing times. Visit Santa Booking System Demonstration

Operators of Tourist Attractions, Activities, Sports Events, Concerts, Galleries

  • Offer your visitors the opportunity to book their tickets online and to receive them by e-mail
  • Less cash handling and its associated problems for you.
  • Reduce the likelyhood of having to disappoint visitors at the door because the event is full. They can see that online and book another date.
  • Online management of bookings and cancellations
  • Spend less time and effort on administration, and more on running your activity.
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As a relatively new ecommerce website, Advertiser Deals were extremely satisfied with the service we received from the team at Vendexo. They helped us understand what marketing opportunities were available to us to help promote the Advertiser Deals brand to the right market. The Vendexo platform also allowed us to easily set up affiliate marketing for our website with the help of a Vendexo representative. — Joe, Advertiser Deals

I found vendexo a great company to deal with, Stephen the owner was super helpful. It was easy to change images and add new stock. This is definitely the way going forward without spending a big budget. I highly recommend Vendexo for upgrading any online business. — Gillian, Owner of Stylemama

Vendexo fulfilled all of my requirements and more. The website was easy to set up & maintain and it is easy to upload images and add products. I have had a great response to the site from customers, all of whom have been complimentary of the ease with which they can use the site. This positive response has translated into sales and the business continues to grow. I would thoroughly recommend Vendexo if you are looking for a reasonably priced and user friendly e-commerce provider. — Joanna, Owner of Floppy Fabrics

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