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Affiliate Network System Privacy Policy

For a definition of terms used in this document, please consult the Terms and Conditions.

Retained Data

Merchant Data

The system maintains the information provided by the merchant about themselves, their business, about the configured shops/affiliate programs, affiliate groups, referral fees and commission rates, ad campaigns and the ads themselves.

The system maintains a financial Account for each Merchant into which the Merchant can deposit funds for the payment of service charges and Referral Fees. This account has a balance, which is its current value. It also maintains a list of transactions which have occurred on that account. During the process of depositing funds to this Account Vendexo uses the services of PCI compliant Payment partners (e.g. PayPal, Stripe Payments). Customer confidential details such as credit/debit card numbers, and security codes are sent directly to such payment partner websites, and never hit the Vendexo servers.

Affiliate Data

The system maintains the information provided by the affiliate about themselves, their websites, and their payment method details (so that they can be paid their referral fees and commissions).

The system maintains a financial Account for each Affiliate into which Referral Fees are deposited, as calculated by The System. When Payments are made to an Affiliate, the funds are withdrawn from their Account. The system maintains a list of these Account transactions.

Referral Actions

The System retains data about Click-throughs on Ads which the Affiliates place. This includes the date and time of the event, the referring page, the IP address of and device information of the client computer, and identifiers for the Affiliate and the clicked Ad.

For Click-Throughs, Visits, Goals and Sales, The System retains the data necessary to determine the Referral Fee, if any, to be paid to the Affiliate. For Sales, this includes the order reference and sale amount.

 General Privacy Policy

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