About Us

Vendexo is a business name of Critical Edge Limited, an Irish based company.

It is our goal to make the whole business of online selling less cumbersome, faster, and easier for merchants, and to make the buying process easier and more secure for their customers.

Now merchants can setup on online store/shop without programming skills, using our "point and click wizards" to define the style and colour theme of their shop. We provide an easy-to-use shop management console, accessible using a web browser, to setup the shop, products, payment methods, shipping/delivery, discounts, discount coupons, gift vouchers etc. This comes with a comprehensive, on-line, context-sensitive help system.

Whereas other e-commerce systems require the merchant to:

  • have programming experience to integrate shopping and payment software;
  • be responsible for updating and maintaining their copy of the software;
  • endure a certain 'lock-in' to the current ISP or hosting provider thereby incurring high charges because their e-commerce system is hosted there too;
  • pay dearly for purchasing software;
  • or pay very high annual fees and transaction charges;

Vendexo offers:

  • a solution which requires no programming skills to use;
  • a hosted solution, where we keep the software up-to-date with new features and maintenance releases;
  • a solution which enables merchants to locate their brochure or informational website anywhere they chose, and simply link to their online shop with Vendexo
  • a solution where no expensive up-front charge has to be paid;
  • an inexpensive and fair charging system to enable us to provide the service.

In addition to our hosted e-commerce shopping solution, Vendexo has also developed and operates an Affiliate Network which enables merchants to leverage the power of affiliate marketing to attract more interested visitors to their online shops. Website owners, publishers, bloggers and article writers can be paid a referral fee and sales commissions for the visitors they send to the merchant's shop. And our system tracks these referrals and sales and pays the affiliates on behalf of the merchant, thereby providing a level of independence for the affiliate and minimising administrative overhead for the merchant. For more click Affiliate Network.

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