Support for Merchants


Whether during the free trial period or after you have setup your own online store/shop, help and support are available to you. Whether you have questions about using the e-commerce shopping cart software, have hit a problem, or are unsure how to do something, help is at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

To check if your question has already been answered, look for it on our FAQ page.

Online help documentation

You should first check the online help that comes with the shop management console. The actual help that is shown depends on what you are doing at the time. To display the help, click the "Help" hyperlink in the shop management console toolbar (see figure).

Help hyperlink on toolbar

A pop-up window should then appear to show you some relevant information. If the particular help information page is not what you are looking for, your can click the "Table of Contents" hyperlink at the top of the help page window and select the desired topic from the list.

Send us a message

If the help documents are unable to answer your query, you can send us a support request using the online messaging form for free technical support. Please state your question or describe the problem with as much detail as you can.

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