Online Merchants: Are you offering Gift Vouchers this Christmas?

Gift voucherIt is a relatively easy thing, especially with a Vendexo online shop to offer gift vouchers for sale. At this time of year, in the run-up to Christmas, friends & family like to buy a gifts for those they love and care about. For a lot of people this can be quite a challenge. How to know what to buy? Many fear that why they buy will not please the recipient or may not be quite what they wanted. This is where the Gift Voucher can come to the rescue. If you know that the person you are buying for is interested in fabric and sewing, for example, then a gift voucher for the favourite online fabric shop will surely please. They have the freedom to buy something nice, of their choosing, from a merchant that they enjoy buying from and can use it as part of their hobby or interest.

In this case, the recipient is happy – they can use the gift voucher to purchase something which they like. The gift giver is also happy, because they know that the gift voucher will be put to good use and exchanged for something which the gift receiver enjoys. The merchant also benefits because for him/her it represents a sale and therefore revenue.

In Ireland, employees can receive tax free, a small gift, which can be a gift voucher, from their employer, up to a maximum of €250. This can be a great way for employers to say “Thank you” to their staff members at Christmas time or during the year to acknowledge an important target being met or some exceptional performance.

So merchants, if you don’t already offer gift vouchers, now is the time act. Give them a prominent position or notice in your online shopping pages. Present them in a visually attractive way – they do represent your brand. If you send the gift vouchers to the recipient via the postal system, use attractive paper/card and well designed layouts and packaging to elevate your brand. You could also include some suggestions for products/services that the recipient might like to exchange it for. The more personal the better.